Customer Testimonials

In today's busy world, where few of us take the time to say "job well done", we're always pleased when our customers take the time to let us know that we have exceeded their expectations. Here is a sampling of what our customers have to say about Saia.

To say you never have issues with a carrier is not realistic! However, it is how a carrier responds to the issue that is critical in transportation. We have partnered with Saia LTL Freight for several years and they have stepped up to the plate to resolve any issue that occurs in a professional, expeditious manner. I would recommend their services to anyone. They are professional, reliable and always courteous.

Nancy Williamson
VP GF Distribution GF
Health Products, Inc.

Fuller Brothers, Inc. has cultivated a client base that has grown confident of our ability to provide just-in-time deliveries on short notice. Our customers are so secure in our ability to deliver that they forget to re-order until they run out of a product or their inventory becomes desperately low. We could not provide that level of service to our customers without having a good relationship with a compatible and reliable carrier that is as dedicated to service as we are. That's why we choose to partner with Saia LTL Freight for the bulk of our LTL shipping needs. We can rely on their posted transit times, their handling of our products - and their competitive rates.

Kelly J. Howe
Transportation Manager
Fuller Brothers, Inc.

Saia LTL Freight has shown us over the years that consistency and professionalism are still alive and well within the LTL industry. They have been our # 1 ranked LTL carrier for service, invoicing accuracy, and "Responsible Care" distribution for several years now. As a large manufacturer and distribution company, we pride ourselves on our service to our customers. It is nice to know that Saia has our back and will continue to help us maintain a positive image with our customers. Their willingness to go that extra mile helps make our jobs just a bit easier! It will be a pleasure to continue our business partnership for many years to come.

Rebecca Daly
Global Traffic Manager
Harcros Chemicals, Inc.

Saia LTL Freight is everything you'd expect from a quality carrier. They have got the three "it's' of transportation down - transit times, technology and teamwork with the shipper.

Wesley Wong
Shipping Department Hollywood Bed

Electra Sales has been using Saia LTL Freight for the good part of 20 years and we have been very satisfied. Their service is second to none in our territory with regard to one day shipping locations… it keeps our customers very happy. As far as their drivers, we have had some of the best. Our current driver has been picking up from us for a few years now and we couldn't ask for a better person. He's always very caring about making sure our freight is packed and loaded correctly to avoid any damages. We have had very few damaged shipments over the years and this is a major reason why we continue to entrust Saia to take care of our business.

Brent Green Operations
Electra Sales

The reason I enjoy doing business with Saia LTL Freight are the people. Our sales representative is awesome because he always goes beyond the call of duty. The drivers are always professional looking and polite. Their Customer Service Department is always polite as well and they listen to what you have to say before responding.

Susie Odom
Warehouse Rack Company, LP

I am very impressed with the service and value that Saia LTL Freight adds to the Orbit Irrigation Products, Inc. supply chain. In fact, I have asked several LTL freight carrier sales representatives from other companies to investigate working at Saia. Saia is financially secure, electronically progressive, customer-centric and constantly improving all their services. The information and goals listed on the Saia Website are accurate and measurable, not fancy sales material!

Becky Moss
Freight Transportation Manager
Orbit Irrigation Products, Inc.

Saia LTL Freight has become a pertinent part of fulfilling our daily shipping needs. They have proven to be a positive asset to our company by performing above and beyond the scope of our requirements. Desiccare, Inc. is a growing company with ever-expanding shipping needs. These needs continue to be met with prompt, courteous and exceptional service from Saia.

Becky Herring
Shipping and Receiving Manager
Desiccare, Inc.

I have been working with Saia LTL Freight for over 10 years and I can only say that the organization takes pride in providing outstanding customer service, on-time delivery and support for our organization. Saia has always gone above and beyond any expectations for the constant changes we have as an organization and they always meet our demand with no failures. Saia has been a key player in making my job as successful as it can be. I appreciate the attention and dedication that comes from this organization and they strive to work with us on a continual basis to make our business a success.

Jody Stavinoha
Senior Sales Coordinator
Cameron Distributed Valves Houston

I had a customer in urgent need of a delivery that we had left on our dock. When this arrived at Saia LTL Freight's terminal, the manager, knowing how important this was, delivered the shipment in his personal vehicle. Saia is always goes above and beyond what is asked to ensure their customers are taken care of.

Misty Richardson
Benjamin Moore Paints

What separates EMG from our competitors is our ability to meet our customers shipping expectations in the time frame given. Because of Saia LTL Freight's quality service and excellent delivery track record, we consider them a vital part of our logistics team - to ensure we continue our quest for success together.

Mario Gonzalez
Englewood Marketing Group