Earth on Grass

Corporate Responsibility

A company is nothing more than a collection of individuals with a shared purpose. The ethics of the company cannot help but mirror the morals of the people involved. As a company, Saia embraces our responsibility to the environment, those with whom we work, and the communities that sustain us.

Promoting Health and Wellness

At a time when other carriers are switching to healthcare plans with higher deductibles and co-pays, Saia has gone in the other direction. Our employees' healthcare premiums have not increased in three years. Through initiatives such as Saia's aggressive corporate wellness program that includes a health risk assessment and biometric screening, we are reducing the cost of healthcare without sacrificing the health and well-being of our employees.

Ensuring a Safe Environment

By cultivating an environment that promotes physical safety as well as professional success, Saia ensures that our customers get our very best every day. Safety starts with each employee understanding the indispensable role he or she plays in our shared success. It demands attention to detail – on the dock and on the road – and a willingness to be absolutely vigilant regarding actions or conditions that could result in a workplace accident. At Saia, our safety record stands on its own; built by caring individuals who see safety as the responsibility of everyone.